Project 3x Fucker

Worlds first public all in one tools pack!

3x Fucker v0.1

Main Features -

  • Symlinker
  • Jumper
  • Accesshash Finder
  • .my.cnf Finder
  • Wordpress Mass User Changer
  • Mass Defacer
  • Mass zone-h with auto deface check
  • Suicide

Demo -


3x Fucker v0.2

Changelogs -


  • Blotewares Removed
  • Wordpress Mass User Changer Replaced With Mass User Adder
  • Joomla Mass User Changer Added [!NEW]
  • Cpanel Bruteforcer Added [!NEW]
  • Check If An Bug Fix Update Is Available [!NEW]
  • Bug Fixed That Caused Destroying Website When Giving Wrong Config Path In Wordpress Mass User Changer


  • Log Out removed due to no need of usage
  • Session management fixed [!BUG FIX]
  • Update checker updated so you don't need to check yourself! But in same server it takes time to fix even if u already updated!

Demo -